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Une véritable révélation pour l'amour du verre fusiooné par la technique du fusing et thermoformage

 Between craftsmanship and contemporary art, I transform glass using the technique of fusing and thermoforming.

Atypical creator, my credo: glass sculpture.

For me, glass is not just material, it is also a tool.

I am interested in the intrinsic qualities of glass and its infinite possibilities of transformation.

My unbridled imagination and my deep freedom lead me to transform materials.

My creations integrate glass, concrete.

Art and creation are not universal,  they touch sensitive souls.


My creations consist in transforming the invisible into the visible by bringing colors and lights.

The creative act is above all for me, a way to freeze this particular time of wonder and dream in order to accompany the viewer on his own imaginary journey.

J e offers a contemplative walk, forget yourself a little

as the sculpture disappears  in the middle of shapes and colors.




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