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Garcia Daniel

"  Amadeo »


  • Born in 1950 in Montpellier France

  • 1972-2006  Performs various jobs in the bank

  • 1990-2006  Fulfills his sports travel dreams

  • 1995-2000  Interested in art painting and sculpture

  • 2000-2005  Meetings and internships with master glassmakers

  • 2006 Training at the Glass Arts Research and Training Center in Vannes le Châtel

  • 2007 Creation of his glass workshop


  •   Works in public and private collections.


  • Public collections

  • 2007  Languedoc Agricultural Credit  Maurin-Lattes Headquarters

  • 2008  Town hall of Palavas les Flots

  • 2009  Town hall of Villeneuve les Maguelonne

  • 2019 Chateau Valcyre

  • Private collections

  • France, Italy, Canada, Holland, England, Luxembourg, Norway

  • Individual exhibitions

  • 2021 Goalard Gallery Grande-Motte

  • 2020 Incandescent  Gallery Courbet Palavas the waves

  • 2019 From the invisible to the visible gallery curved Palavas les flots

  • 2018 Fashionable glass  Pavillon Sévigné Balaruc les Bains

  • 2017 Transparency Gallery Dynamo Montpellier

  • 2017 Crazy glass Courbet gallery Palavas les flots

  • 2015 Villa Parry le grau du roi

  • 2015 "The Woman"  Mercedes Cannes

  • Collective exhibitions

  • 2019 Festival of Arts and Fire

  • 2019 International Glass Arts Festival  Palau del Vidre

  • 2019 Arts and Crafts Fair Saint miter les remparts

  • 2018 Pyramide-arts la grande motte

  • 2018 international festival of glass arts in Palau del vidre

  • 2017  Salon Courtyards and Gardens Towards Pont du Gard

  • 2016 Salon des Métiers d Art st miter les remparts

  • 2016 International Festival of Glass Arts Palau del Vidre

  • 2016 Collective exhibition the Halle au verre Claret

  • 2015 Uzes artist workshop

  • 2015 Constellation Claret

  • 2014 Glass Wool  Chapel of the Capuchins Aigues-Mortes

  • 2014 Nimagine Nimes

  • Permanent Exhibitions

  • 2020 Gallery Lu Carcassonne

  • 2019 Elan Art Gallery Sète

  • 2017 Workshop 17 la rochelle

  • 2016 Gallery of Ocher in Roussillon  Roussillon-Provence


  • Daniel Garcia "Amadeo" lives and works in Villeneuve les Maguelone 34750

  • Telephone 06 86 74 91 42

  • Email:

  • Website:


Trained in the techniques of Fusing and Thermoforming in Vannes le Chatel at the European Center for Research and Training in the Glass Arts, in contact with glass artists of international reputation, Daniel Garcia "Amadeo" works intensely to understand and master the material and the technique and give glass an artistic and artisanal value.

  While nothing predestined him to this art, he traced his path by dint of  will and according to his inspiration. Today, master of his technique, fusing and thermoforming, Amadeo gives  free rein to their creativity.

A life in dreams and in glass.

The path that led Amadeo to working with glass is  that of a man who sought his way and dared  follow his wishes. Athlete and traveler, he climbed summits, admired many landscapes, made encounters, which nourished his inspiration. It is precisely a meeting with a master glassmaker that will give him the revelation. Internship then training, then allow him to work the techniques of the  fusing and thermoforming. time has passed, today Amadeo releases the inert and invisible material to give it a life of light and colors: "glass is a bit like me, fragile and hard, transparent and opaque, soft but sharp" concedes- he.

A real alter ego of her favorite artist, Jo la Palavasienne organizes and supervises the fairs  with the efficiency and the natural kindness that everyone knows him. She knows how to pamper  customers, most of whom have often become friends.

Amadeo values its creative freedom. Apart from the currents and  fashions aside, each piece is unique. The sculptures he exhibits here will therefore never find their equivalent elsewhere.


And as he likes to say: "My only ambition is to make you happy by making me happy, to take you into your own imagination and make you dream."


There is only one thing in art that is worth: that which cannot be explained   "George Braques"


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